Fight Against Puppy Mill

At TeaPups, we hold our organization to the best expectations from the raisers our doggies are from to the homes they carry light to. Albeit the pet business is dirtied by a negative picture of pet stores and pet factories, TeaPups upholds just reproducers with the best expectations. Visit TeaPups to get all mentioned data about your pup’s raiser, guardians, and extra data about the quality and care given to every pup at TeaPups.

TeaPups has a zero-resilience strategy for doggy factories or inadequate rearing of any sort. A Puppy Mill is an inadequate hotspot for pups that spots benefit over the government assistance of its creatures. A Puppy Mill isn’t just heartless and barbarous yet in addition regularly works infringing upon the law or unofficial laws. Doggy Mills should be closed down. Enough said.

Healthy Puppies

We are something other than a help, and our relationship with you proceeds with well past the day your little dog returns home. We are doggy sweethearts ourselves and wish nothing could at any point turn out badly with any little dog, however a pup’s wellbeing is subject to various variables like hereditary qualities, work out, food and sustenance, and by and large consideration that are not generally inside our control. While we can’t ensure that your little dog won’t ever have a medical condition, we can guarantee we will put forth a valiant effort to guarantee your new relative is sound from the second the person gets back!

Everything begins with picking our raisers. We cautiously screen our raisers and just work with the individuals who satisfy our industry-driving guidelines. When a reproducer has been acknowledged into our local area, we keep on guaranteeing that they are raising solid doggies by requiring thorough wellbeing assessments for each little dog they place through TeaPups. .