I love my little Shiba boy from Teacuppomeranianspuppies

He’s absolutely beautiful, has a great temperament and is very smart. He was already crate trained when I brought him home and really playful/happy to be around new pups. He has never pooped in the house, but we’re still working on keeping the pee outside only (he won’t use pee pads, he thinks they’re a chew toy lol), though we gotten down to only a couple “accidents” a week, usually when he’s over excited playing with the other pup in the house or at puppy playgroup. He has his nippy puppy moments but I suspect as with most puppies he will grow out of that with proper training/once teething is over (he’s just under 5 months now).

The online ordering and pick up from SFO went smoothly. I preferred to pay the extra fee and use a credit card instead of cash.

I took him to the vet the day after I brought him home and she said he was in “perfect health” and I got a “perfect pup.” He did have ringworm (it’s kind of like athlete’s foot, not dangerous, just annoying) and a fecal issue but from what I’ve been told that’s pretty common with puppies and there’s not much you can do about except treat it after the fact.

I can’t take him for a 10 minute walk without getting compliments on how cute he is. He responds well to strangers and enjoys the affection (hyper children sketch him out a little but they also sketch me out, so can’t blame him on that :), it’s obvious he was exposed to a lot of people who treated him well, even prior to coming home with me.

Would definitely buy another Shiba from these guys and highly recommend!

Ashley M.

Before Teacuppomeranianspuppies launched, I literally Googled Bay Area/San Jose for Shiba Inu sellers and was lead to puppyfinder.com. Long story short: cavaet emptor!

If you’ve researched enough though, you will find that they have reputable years selling on there and was able to provide reference(s) before I put down a deposit for my black and tan shinu.

Daisy (at the time) checked out after a vet visit the day after pick up. She was pretty much crate-trained and just needed a little more reinforcement in potty training on a pad indoors during the winter months.

Now Emi’s grown long, cool and thriving as much as Teacuppomeranianspuppies’s Customers page.

For the eight months I’ve had her, a handful have questioned the origin and purity of Emi since they’re so ‘rare’ but if you’ve honed in on a “non-native” US breed as I had on the Shiba Inu, Puppyfor.me is the way to go in San Jose.

You just need to Listen for your Spirit Animal’s calling and pick up! =)

Jason A

Although it was beyond control, our puppy Toy Poodle arrived 10 days later than expected. The breeder communicated as best as he could realizing that there were several of us buying at the same time. Our puppy was perfect and better than imagined. This breeder is reliable! Beware of scammers out there as we had experience one! Very very happy!


I was very tempted to give a review immediately upon receiving our beautiful puppy but thought it better to wait until after her first veterinarian appointment. Our veterinarian gave her a clean bill of health (no surprise) and said she is definitely a healthy & happy puppy. I believe she was well taken care of before coming to us. She is very beautiful (black & tan Shiba Inu), great with our kiddos & socializing well with children. She cannot be with other dogs yet. I read other reviews prior to deciding to go with puppy for me. There can be delays in responses but I did not experience any delay when it was time sensitive. I think it can be frustrating when we are use to immediate responses to have one take a couple of days. Our family is completely satisfied with the service we received & completely over the moon with our newest family member.

Renee F